Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Presented Clojure to Montreal.rb

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a smallish (15 minutes) presentation of Clojure to Montreal.rb called Clojure for Rubyists.

I think it went neither terribly bad nor terribly good. I included a section about software transactional memory at the end of it, but in retrospect it was too hard (for me) to explain it well and quickly. I should have gone with Java interop instead.

I had the chance of having a mix crowd of Rubyists, Pythonistas and Clojurians. Everybody was friendly and I had some excellent questions. A huge thanks goes out to my Bonjure buddy Hugo Duncan who took care of the toughest questions.

I was followed-up by Cyril Robert who did a live coding presentation of a basic blog application using Django in only half an hour! Now that's extreme pair programming.

Here is the official presentation wrap up.

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