Saturday, March 19, 2011

iPhone Games I like

Most of the games I like are puzzle-oriented, with a couple of action ones.

Let's start with the classical ones.

The Sudoku application from Mighty Mighty Good Games has the best interface of the ones I tried. I also actually thought I was pretty clever solving the expert level of the normal version until I bought the Expert Sudoku version and realized I sucked even at the easiest level. Their puzzles are hand crafted and often have a pleasing symmetrical quality.

Subway Shuffle is a classical no-fluff logic puzzle with a neat interface from an independent developer.

The Boxed-In series is a great rendition of the classical push boxes puzzle genre. They also sport a robot, what's not to like?

The first non-puzzle game I bought is Flight Control which I played countless hours. I'm eagerly waiting for a new airfield.

I'm an atypical iPhone game user. In fact, I have an iPod touch and I play on my daily commute, without an Internet connection. As such, global scoring system or social network options are uninteresting to me, and an hindrance if the application resolves around it.

For that reason (an others,) I prefer the excellent Train Conductor to its sequel Train Conductor 2, which does not present me with local stats anymore.

I'm also a firm believer in the least amount of clicks possible between the moment I click on a game and the time I actually start playing the game. The previous games minimizes the number of clicks between me and my fun, and I appreciate them even more now that I actually tried games who would be interesting otherwise, but have just too many clicks for me.

This next game is borderline for me on the number of clicks, but it's a nice retro-style space shooter and is really responsive: PewPew.

I'm going to end up with a game I really like for its clean fun factor, great interface and cute theme. It's an interesting action-puzzle called Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab.

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