Friday, December 23, 2011

Redline Smalltalk: A Call to Arms

Redline Smalltalk is a file-base Smalltalk targetting the JVM. I've posted about it before.

Some of the goals are outlined here: Why Smalltalk on the JVM?

If you'd like to watch and listen a presentation about it: The journey So Far.

This is a call to passionate JVM programmers out there who would like to contribute to an exciting new project. Its compiler is ready and the core team is now tackling the many runtime classes. They need  YOUR help.

Now is an ideal time to contribute and be proud of having given a push at a critical moment. You can't go back in time and be an early Ruby or Clojure contributor no matter how much you wish. You either were or weren't. Now is the time to be an early Redline contributor.

Get started. Now. Go.
Adopt a class.

P.S. I've seen the expression "A call to arms" been described as "Stir to rebellion." Funnily enough, Stir is the name of the Redline Smalltalk interactive command line (REPL.)

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