Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you a Redliner?

Redline Smalltalk is a real Smalltalk for the JVM.

Redline Smalltalk is nearly done, but needs a little push to get out polished and in a timely manner.

Don't miss out on getting Redline passed the tipping point!

Click here to donate to the indiegogo campaign 8)

The above link also contains additional information about the goals of Redline and why you should donate.

If you've contributed before to a language you liked that got successful, here's your chance to be part of the revolution... again!

If not, now is the time to be part of something great from the start!

I'm a Redliner. Are you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Google and LinkedIn: Stop im(mobile)izing me!

A rant.

Google newsgroup mobile site:
If there's a place I need my "mark all as read" option, it's more on my cell phone than my desktop.

Gmail Android mobile app:
I can create a new label using the mobile website but I can't using the app?

LinkedIn app on the iPad:
I can't edit my profile or add a new group? Is my iPad a read only device?

Hopefully these options are there but I just haven't figured out where/how.

PS: is there a mobile friendly way of writing a Blogger post on a mobile device?

Update November 25th 2012
Since the original publication, LinkedIn app on the iPad now allows profile modification. Thank you.

Also, I discovered there was a Blogger iPad app while perusing the list of Google apps on the iTunes Store for the first time 8)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloud Robotics Hackathon March 2012

I participated in the Cloud Robotics Hackathon in Montreal at the beginning of March.

It was my first hackethon and it was great. I registered with two friends, Alain & Benjamin. We joined forces with 3 strangers, Aurélien, Renaud & Stéphane, who turned out the be not only competent, but decent friendly persons.

The event itself was quite well organized. They accounted for primary needs like robots & WiFi, as well as secondary needs like food & shelter ;) Seriously it went without a hitch and we could really concentrate on our robot while the organizers and volunteers were working really hard for everything to go around smoothly.

We got out free robot kit courtesy of RobotShop on Saturday Morning. Beforehand I had wished it would come already assembled so we could have more time for the actual programming. It turned out I had so much fun participating in the assembly that it really was better it wasn't assembled beforehand.

We had quite a diverse team of programmers & sysadmins. It was all out first experience with a robot and we had tremendous fun. We split into smaller groups to work on different part of the project. The (unpolished) end result is a robot which you can send simple commands over a  PHP script through the cloud and Bluetooth. An example of a simple command is go forward 456 centimetres. The fun part is if the robot detects an obstacle in front of it, it tries to autonomously go around it. The robot also accumulates its moves and send them back over the cloud where they are logged and are used to display a map of the robot's path. Obstacle are shown in a different colours and little drawing shows when the robot turned clockwise or counterclockwise.

I never thought so much could be done in just a weekend. A big thank you to my team mates, the organizers, volunteers and sponsors! A special thank you goes to my family for their kind support.

I really enjoyed the cooperative atmosphere. Everybody was freely and proactively helping each other. For example some electronic genius shared a problem and a workaround related to the usage of the Android Kit and pin number 8 of the board.

Here are the links of the video presentation we had to submit and of the video of the presentation in front of the judges.
Robot Hackathon Montréal 2012 - No pain, no game!
Montreal Robotics Hackathon 2012- Team No pain No Game

P.S. We used, Arduino, Python & PHP.

Update: Incredibly, we won third place. Hurray!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Unforeseen by Asimov (maybe)

The scene :
a human is working on his computer while a robot is standing idly by.

Robot: Hey! I've got a joke for you.
Human: Not right now. I'm busy. Aren't you supposed to do the laundry?
Robot: Seems to me you're not so busy as not to be chatting up about your dirty clothes.
Human turns around to stare are at Robot: You're starting to annoy the crap out of me. You know?
Robot: Well, there's no robotic law against that.
Human: I'm gonna write one.
Robot sits down on a couch, puts its arm up on the side to rest its head on its hands: You wish!
Human: Speaking of robotic laws, aren't you supposed to obey me?

Hilarity ensues.

Inspired by:
NAO is bored so he's trying to attract attention from his human.