Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Google and LinkedIn: Stop im(mobile)izing me!

A rant.

Google newsgroup mobile site:
If there's a place I need my "mark all as read" option, it's more on my cell phone than my desktop.

Gmail Android mobile app:
I can create a new label using the mobile website but I can't using the app?

LinkedIn app on the iPad:
I can't edit my profile or add a new group? Is my iPad a read only device?

Hopefully these options are there but I just haven't figured out where/how.

PS: is there a mobile friendly way of writing a Blogger post on a mobile device?

Update November 25th 2012
Since the original publication, LinkedIn app on the iPad now allows profile modification. Thank you.

Also, I discovered there was a Blogger iPad app while perusing the list of Google apps on the iTunes Store for the first time 8)