Monday, May 30, 2016

Ham or Spam with F# & Xamarin

I'm continuing my F# journey with a second course from FSharpTV called Functional Programming with F#.

The course picks up the familiar approach of small learning units sprinkled with coding exercices. It's a format that works very well with me, particularly when I might have not more that half an hour free. Small and focused learning sessions for the win.

This time, the course departs of the purely fun aspect of learning F# and tackles pragmatic issues.

The first section gets our hand dirty with test units and publishing a library. This might seems trivial steps for those already versed in the .NET universe, but for those new to the ecosystem, it provides much needed guidance.

The second section builds nicely on the core concept of the first course. It gives a very approachable introduction to the concept of Bayes theorem and machine learning trough a spam filtering project.

The final part of the project concerns itself with dealing with command line arguments through an (for me) elaborate library called Argu. After having my understanding of F# solidified, I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland when I saw some Cheshire Cat syntax like <@ @>. Can't wait to eat the cake and learn more on my next course!

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